4 Chinese dictionaries you may not have heard of

July 31, 2020  

When looking for an online dictionary or mobile app for Chinese or Chinese english translation, a few names come to mind for experienced Chinese learners and natives alike, such as Pleco.

Here are a few Chinese dictionaries that are generally under the radar to help you communicate in Mandarin and Cantonese, that can be just as good, if not more convenient.


Yahoo Chinese dictionary


Although simple, this web based dictionary does the job at giving simple definitions and pinyin. Try it out.


Line Chinese dictionary


Line is well known for being a chat app, but their parent company created an English to Chinese or Chinese to English dictionary. It features also new quotes everyday and a plethora of examples


Bing Chinese dictionary


Bing dictionary is another simple web dictionary for Chinese. It has audio definitions and drawings to help vizualise those definitions. You can also find an article a day with keywords


Hanyou Chinese Dictionary

We're partial (we're the maker), but we think the Hanyou app is the best dictionary out there for Chinese learners. You can draw chinese characters to look up words, use OCR recognition, converse with native speakers in Hanyou wall, get new words every day with a vocabulary list from the news. All of this in one app. We're also working on a desktop version of our dictionary if this interests you, leave us a note in the contact form on the home page. In the meantime, download the app on the iOS app store or the Google play app store for Android